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Making toast. Boiling the kettle. Charging our phones. We rely on electricity for even the most simple of tasks. In fact, it’s so much a part of our every day lives that it’s hard to appreciate just how far things have come over the past 200 years – or the scale of the challenges that lie ahead. But at ScottishPower, we’re excited about rising to those challenges. Finding ways to generate power in ways that are sustainable and better for our environment is going to require the brightest minds, the biggest innovations and the very best ideas.

At ScottishPower, we offer a wide range of careers for people with different skills, expertise and ambitions. Our current areas of growth are in Engineering, Industrial roles and Renewables. There are varied and challenging career choices in these areas. However, it’s not just in engineering and trades that we offer great careers. The breadth of activities that ScottishPower carries out means that we can also offer careers in areas as diverse as Marketing, Finance, Trading and Project Management. The roles are too numerous to be listed here, but the diversity keeps ScottishPower exciting and offers our employees opportunities to own their career and development and move within the company.

Benefits of Working with ScottishPower

We can offer a stable career, growth and development, exciting projects and the chance to be at the forefront of a growing sector. We offer innovative projects and the opportunity to make a world of difference. For more information on some of the benefits of working with us visit the ScottishPower website.

To watch short YouTube films about some of the different jobs at ScottishPower click here.

To search current ScottishPower vacancies visit the ScottishPower careers page.