Electricity Suppliers & Distributors - What's the Difference?

Electricity Distribution Network Operators

Wooden poles
  • Electricity distribution companies are responsible for the network of power lines, underground cables, substations etc., that get electricity to your home or business in the area where you live.
  • You cannot choose who your electricity distribution company is, they own and operate the equipment that makes up the electricity network in your area.
  • It is your electricity distribution company that is responsible for the safety of the electrical equipment in your area and the quality of the electricity supply you receive in your property.
  • If you have a power cut, it is your local electricity distribution company that you need to contact so it’s a good idea to know who it is, take a look around their website and keep their contact details handy in case of emergency – also, if you use social media, it’s a great idea to follow them for up to date status of supply problems in your area.
  • If you or someone that you know is dependent on their electricity supply, for example, for medical equipment, ask your local electricity distribution company to be included on their priority services register.
  • To find out who is your local electricity distribution company click here, take a look at your electricity distributor’s website and keep their emergency contact details handy.
Energy bill

Electricity (or Energy) Suppliers

  • Your energy supplier is the company you pay your electricity bill to.
  • You can choose your electricity supplier and they set the tariff for the electricity you use.
  • Whoever you choose as your electricity supplier, when they calculate your bill, they include a small percentage which will go back to the local electricity distribution company to go towards maintaining the electricity network in your area.
  • Your electricity bill is sent to you by your energy supplier and the cost of your bill calculated by how much electricity you use and the tariff that you are on.