Safety Matters Near Power Stations and Wind Farms



Some wind farm operators encourage the general public to use their sites for recreational purposes like they do at Whitelee Windfarm. However, other windfarms may not encourage public access because they don’t have appropriate facilities available on them.

If you live near a windfarm or are visiting one, it is worthwhile looking at the operator’s website beforehand so that you are prepared. Windfarms are inherently safe but sometimes people aren’t prepared for changeable weather conditions or haven’t planned a route but taking a little time to research the area and reading safety signs and information boards when you arrive can ensure you have a fun and safe day out.

Hydro power stations

If you live near to or are visiting an area where there is a hydro power station it can be a very interesting place to visit. However, it is important to be aware of how to stay safe near a hydro power station. For example, it is never safe to go in to a reservoir serving a power station or in to the water leaving a power station because it will start operating without warning making the water conditions very dangerous for anglers, canoers, swimmers etc. Caution should also be taken on footpaths which can become slippery. The website of the hydro power station operator will give detailed advice to help you prepare, an example of safety advice near a hydro can be found here.

Power station

Coal, gas and nuclear power stations

If you live near to a coal, gas or nuclear power station or are visiting an area with one nearby it will be easily seen. It will be surrounded by fences to keep you away from areas where it is not safe for you to be and there will be signs which give you useful safety information. Further information may also be available on the website of the power station operator.